Make informed decisions and drive growth with our dedicated business analysts. With our expertise in data analysis, market research, and strategy development, we'll help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition. Let's create a roadmap for success together!

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Business Analysts by MAXWELL

Hire a business analyst to help you explain your concepts to the development team in technical terms so they can produce the product you've imagined. You could say that business analysts serve as a link between your vision and the development team, enabling the achievement of each feature you had in mind.

A business analyst's responsibilities begin with pre-sales and continue through project development and deployment. A business analyst conducts extensive research in the early stages of a project and offers a detailed estimate of the time, cost, technologies to be employed, team size needed for the project, and other important factors.

A business analyst gradually participates in each stage of the software development lifecycle. Starting with the determination of needs during the planning stage, requirements verification during the requirement and analysis stage, delivery support throughout the deployment phase, and readiness evaluation.

Services that our resource will offer to your company

Industry analysis
Our business analyst has experience conducting research based on the relevant industry because every industry is unique and has its own standards and procedures.
Competitor analysis
Risk assessment
Technical research
Technical documentation (SRS)
Time & expense estimation

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Business Analyst Hiring FAQ

Who is a Business Analyst?
In terms of translating requirements and client demands, business analysts serve as a link between IT specialists and business teams. They evaluate business procedures, pinpoint requirements, and make sure that clients, project managers, and other stakeholders receive data-driven suggestions.
How to hire top Business Analysts through MAXWELL?
Why is BA important for your Project?
What to look for when hiring a dedicated Business Analyst?
What technical expertise do your BA resources have?

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