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Internet of Things(IoT)


Internet-based production/application environments, human beings, and equipment integrated seamlessly


Creating simulation models for managing virtualized systems


Decentralized intelligent systems with decision-making abilities based on machine learning patterns

Real-Time Capability

Big Data and Analytics for real-time data processing

Service Orientation

Cloud Based Web Services


Stackable devices and an ever-growing API stack

IoT Service Offerings

We provide the following IoT Integration services to meet your needs:

IoT Strategy

  • Advice for companies trying to build an IoT strategy. We also provide you with an overview of the business value of various IoT use cases.
  • Establishing certain criteria to increase your ROI
  • Detailed cost-benefit analysis for your IoT project
  • Application and IoT system integration
  • Establishing an IoT technology strategy and determining the essential middleware, software, and hardware elements

Integration of IoT Applications

  • Offer IoT integration solutions that facilitate improved communication between diverse components.
  • Advice on how to make devices API-ready
  • Establish guidelines and procedures for the administration and integration of the internet of things.
  • IoT platforms and IoT cloud service providers' security assessment
  • Development/improvement of the security layer
  • Gathering and analysing data
  • Cloud-based hosting for the processing, analysis, and storage of data
  • Customised reporting that is current
  • The development of a rules engine using machine learning to find risks and patterns


What is an IoT company?
With the help of IoT, organisations can see in real time how their systems actually function, gaining insights into anything from equipment performance to supply chain and logistics activities. IoT gives businesses the ability to automate procedures and minimize labour costs.
What is IoT Service Providers?
What are three examples of IoT?
Which software is used for IoT?
Which API is used in IoT?
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