Transform unstructured text into meaningful insights with our natural language processing solutions. Our team of experts can help you extract valuable information from large volumes of text data using advanced NLP techniques.

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One of the leading NLP solution providers, Maxwell helps companies use the power of natural language to improve customer service. As a one-stop shop, we assist you in developing an NLP strategy, develop the solution, and offer post-go-live support.

Maxwell can assist you in creating a productive NLP system to strengthen your app or business procedure. For hundreds of startups and companies, Maxwell has developed NLP solutions like document analysis, chat and voice bots, and sentiment analysis. We have experience working with a variety of content, such as legal text, medical information, and financial documents. We have a wide range of industry experts on hand, so you receive the ideal combination of technological innovation and domain knowledge.

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Our Natural Language Processing Services


Business Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

We create virtual assistants and corporate chatbots that are NLP-powered so that companies may increase customer interaction while lowering support expenses. These chatbots can quickly respond to consumer questions and point them in the direction of the appropriate resources.


Product Recommendations

By analyzing client purchase behavior and browsing behaviors, our natural language processing technologies boost search relevancy and provide customized results. The purpose of the customer's search influences the product recommendations as well.


Smart Document Analysis

In order to extract insights from unstructured data, such as emails, social media, etc., into human-generated and understandable text documents that further aid in enhancing corporate operations and procedures, we combine and then harness the capabilities of NLP and ML.


Market Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis

In order to gain insights about the current and future state of the market, customer behavior, rivals, and business partners, NLP-based market intelligence and sentiment analysis delve deeper into reviews, news, social media, and other related sources.


Risk Management and Fraud Detection

Our NLP services use cutting-edge natural language processing methods and clever technologies to analyze crucial financial papers, contract documents, and specific conversations in order to quickly identify frauds and business hazards.

How Do We Work?

In order to provide a better user experience, automate assistance, and streamline business operations, we grasp the purpose of the user's inquiry and the content of the enterprise using our advanced NLP techniques. This is how we operate:

text cleaning

Text cleaning

To remove undesired material and prepare the data for text analysis, we employ a variety of expressions and encoding formats for tokenization, capitalization, de-capitalization, removing/retaining stopwords, lemmatizing/stemming, and other text cleaning procedures.

text analysis

Text Analysis

We read and sort unstructured data using lexical analysis, syntactic analysis, semantic analysis, and other clever techniques to extract insightful information from it. Entity extraction, content categorization, content clustering, and fact and connection extraction are all parts of text analysis and extraction.

model training

Model Training

Half the effort is done when the training data are accurate. To obtain the appropriate training data, we iterate numerous times. Your NLP system's success or failure depends on the training data you use. We concentrate a lot on this region because it is the most crucial element. The text is then examined using the training data.

final deployment


We deploy a customized natural language processing solution to our clients after building and testing it for your company, and we wait for them to grin. We make sure that every NLP solution or service is delivered on schedule.

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The field of computer science known as "natural language processing" (NLP) is more particularly the field of "artificial intelligence" (AI) that is concerned with providing computers the capacity to comprehend written and spoken words in a manner similar to that of humans.
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