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Software Security Services

Maxwell assists clients in developing cutting-edge secure applications and evaluating and considerably raising the security level of current software solutions. Maxwell has a track record of success in secure software development and software security assurance.
Teams from Maxwell software development have been assisting businesses whose primary area of expertise is application security for decades. We share this information and industry best practises with clients, ranging from small businesses to huge corporations, to help them protect their data and applications.

It is no longer desirable, but absolutely necessary, to create secure software. Assessing and maintaining the security of the data has become a top concern for businesses ranging from early-stage online initiatives to large enterprises as cloud and data analytics adoption has increased. Contrary to popular belief, apps themselves pose the greatest security risks, not networking layers or operating systems.

Maxwell Security Services


Create a strong base for your compliance obligations (PCI DSS, GDPR, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA, etc.)


Utilize software penetration testing to identify and address software vulnerabilities.


Find security flaws in your embedded, web, cloud, mobile, IoT, or IoT solutions.


Create and implement a specialised, secure framework


Applications that are future-proof and lower security threats

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Our team of experts have been working for the past ten years. They know how to make your business visible online and increase revenue


Everything we do is done to help increase your business growth online. Our experts like to do things thoroughly.


We excel in digital marketing. But we also know how to improve your websites lead generation, optimizing it for more sales and more growth.

Building Secure Application Architecture

Security should always be considered while developing an application's architecture. Implementing security measures after the programme or product has already hit the market won't do anything to significantly reduce system vulnerabilities unless it is.

The following crucial actions can aid in a better understanding of the security requirements:

1. Architecture

Give specifics on the current architecture. Dividing the software architecture into its many layers The best application architecture strategy involves using many layers to divide the system's numerous functional components into logical chunks. Front-end, mid-tier, and data management layers, for instance. This method enables the application of various security practises and methodologies to each layer, reducing the threat of a compromise.

2. Coding

Define and explain current coding techniques. Poor software development coding techniques are the cause of the bulk of frequently exploited vulnerabilities. At Kanda, we use the most effective programming practises for each language in conjunction with our strict integrated quality assurance procedures. This method reduces the quantity of software "bugs" produced during the process and, as a result, the amount of time it takes to fix them.

3. Security

Do you own a security guarantee? If there is an application testing procedure, what is it like? The best way to guarantee a proper application development process is to implement a formal security and quality assurance programme. Before being released for commercial use, all application modifications should go through both automated and manual testing, including comprehensive performance and vulnerability testing.

4. Testing

What testing and vulnerability methodology is applied? To ensure that application upgrades, server upgrades, and the release of new features won't result in security vulnerabilities, web-application and SaaS systems should be routinely evaluated for vulnerabilities.

Ensuring Data Security

Any web-based application solution you are or want to develop will almost certainly include sensitive user data that needs to be secured.
The development of online and mobile payments has made it more crucial than ever to protect client data. The domain of business applications is an exception that calls for complex encryption and security algorithms.
Applications that contain payment and personal information must comply with several compliance rules including HIPAA and PCI-DSS.
Without adding extra work for the end user, Maxwell Software has mastered the process of protecting client data while it is in transit or when it is kept in the database. The development of a cloud-based service or application must prioritise security. The skilled development teams at Kanda Software can assist you in delivering cutting-edge solutions that are safe and simple to use without sacrificing functionality.


What do you mean by software security?
Software security refers to the idea of incorporating safeguards into the building of security to enable it stay operational (or attack-resistant). In order to determine a piece of software's resistance to malicious attacks, it must pass software security testing before being released on the market.
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