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Microsoft Excel has been helping businesses since 1982 with its extraordinary capacity to compute data across many Excel spreadsheets (also known as workbooks) and tabs (AKA worksheets). The toolbar allows you to find and compile data from a variety of sources, generate graphs, make pivot tables, and lookup data. Most crucially, you may automate basic or complicated repetitive processes with a single press of a button using the VBA programming language, the Visual Basic Editor, and the macro recorder.

Spreadsheets have traditionally dominated the management of many company processes, from finances to personnel schedules. Many firms still rely on Microsoft Office products, utilise Excel, and have a lot of data in spreadsheets, even in the modern era of AI, big data, and cloud computing.

What can Excel automation do for me?

Excel automation can be used by users to improve working with an Excel workbook in a variety of ways. Complex activities are made simple, and businesses may repeat procedures quickly and precisely to save time, money, and effort. It's also essential for modernizing outdated business procedures (and systems) so that they may be used with modern ones for in-depth analytics, data science, and business intelligence.
In this way, it ushers in a brand new world for conventional organized data. With all the new automation technologies, it can now combine semi-structured and unstructured data, making this information beneficial for the company. Particular advantages include:


A User-Friendly Experience

The Excel automation features handle the grunt work; they can update values, format cells, and execute macros. Users have an effective, enjoyable user experience since they are not distracted by these specifics and can instead focus on the importance of the data in spreadsheets.


Informed Decision-Making

Users can transfer needed information from spreadsheets into eye-catching dashboards, charts, and graphs by automating Excel activities. These provide decision-makers with a visual representation of the meaning of the data. Analytical tools can benefit from extracting Excel data using a similar procedure.


Enterprise Integration

Integrating spreadsheets and their data into any enterprise system requires automating Excel processes. Spreadsheets are now just another source that can be connected with more advanced enterprise ones thanks to automation.


Sharing Data

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Better Risk Management

When transferring data between spreadsheets and other resources, users frequently make minor mistakes. These little mistakes can grow into bigger ones that hurt the business. Data transfers can be automated and are risk-free.


Low Impact Implementation

RPA is designed to be introduced with the least amount of disturbance to the business's processes possible. While the RPA platform is being integrated or upgraded, teams can continue to work with familiar technologies.

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Who is using Excel automation?

The usage of Excel automation is widespread across many different sectors and use cases. It is commonly used in accounting departments to track financial data from a cross-industry viewpoint. Spreadsheets are still used for data storage in human resources departments, who are logical candidates for Excel automation. There are even businesses that use automation to manage supply chain networks.

Government, which saves a wealth of data in spreadsheets, is one specific industry that uses Excel automation to some extent. It's particularly helpful for managing things like partner relationships and procurement in the manufacturing sector, which is another industry vertical. Examples of Excel automation in detail include:

  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Process Operations


What is meant by Excel automation?
Microsoft Excel operations and functionalities can be automated using robotic programming. Microsoft Excel has been helping businesses since 1982 with its extraordinary capacity to compute data across many Excel spreadsheets (also known as workbooks) and tabs (AKA worksheets).
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