seo company in qatar

SEO company in Qatar

MAXWELL GLOBAL SOFTWARE is one of the leading SEO Services providers at Qatar. Nowadays many of website users are unaware of the SEO Services. Search Engine Optimization is one of the important tasks to be done for each and every website after building a website. SEO Services will display your website on Search Engine Results page.

Maxwell Global Software is Qatar’s leading SEO services provider, overcomes the many obstacles by using tomorrow’s technology to ensure today’s success. Maxwell Global Software incorporates highly skilled professionals design and delivers unique interactive solutions for clients of all sizes across wide a variety of businesses.

What do we do in SEO?

  •   Keyword research and analysis.
  •   Your Website should conform with W3 validation standards.
  •   Optimization of Title tag.
  •   Add Google analytics to monitor the number of people visiting the Website.
  •   Optimization of Meta keywords.
  •   Add Google Webmaster Tool to find the problems of the Website from search engine.
  •   Promotional work.
  •   Optimization of Meta description.
  •   Article submission, Directory submission.
  •   Adding in social networking sites.
  •   Forum posting.
  •   Blog posting.
  •   Free advertisements.
  •   Adding in local classifieds.
  •   Adding in Global classifieds.
  •   Adding in Free Yellow pages.
  •   Optimization of other Meta tags.
  •   Proper use of Heading tags.
  •   Image optimization.
  •   Create sitemap with HTML.
  •   Create sitemap with XML.
  •   Robots.txt is a file to restrict certain files.
  •   Create & Submit site map in Yahoo, Google, etc.
  •   Hyperlink optimization.
  •   Optimization of internal & external linking.
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Mehbaz is a Sister Company of MAXWELL, we also provide services such as website design, mobile app & digital marketing in Doha, Qatar. We have expertise in website development, SEO, Adwords, Android, iOS APP development, Branding, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Marketing, Web Hosting and more!.

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