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Tally Shoper 9

As technology evolves, groups like yours need to preserve in step for sustainable results. Staying aligned with client wishes on the equal time is often a assignment. we provide Shoper 9 to handle lakhs of SKUs (items), thousands of transactions per day and even aid loads of shops in a chain. So the present day retail commercial enterprise gets to leverage its core strengths. Combining unrivaled retail knowledge and a wealthy improvement, Shoper nine represents the satisfactory of breed.

If it’s better control of promotions, or vending, or maybe a inventory query that facilitates customers take a look at on which of your shops stocks a selected product, Shoper 9 is up to the undertaking. This retail management software program product convincingly addresses pain points including data exchange among head workplace, warehouses and shops, presenting a strong interface. Favoured via leading Indian forte stores, Shoper nine has catered to the apparel, shoes and fabric segments with top notch fulfillment.

The Shoper 9 philosophy is ease of use. And there is a tested assist system in area to ensure its easy functioning. expert aid for Shoper 9 comes from the Tally Integrators and thru Tally Service partners.
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tally shoper 9 price in india


  • Alerts Management
    You can configure alerts to communicate messages for specific events. You can choose from different modes to send alerts to each showroom in a chain of stores to ensure that distance doesn’t break the chain of communication in your retail chain of showrooms.
    Use the Alerts Management feature of Shoper 9 to provide critical information the right time, i.e., notify price revision or sales promotion at the same time to all the show rooms. Choose a convenient mode of communication from e-mails, SMS, balloon tips, and message boxes. You can also select the type of alert that would call an appropriate user action based on the severity - categorise alerts into fatal alerts, warnings, and information.
  • Alignment with GS1 Standard
    Designed to improve the efficiency of supply chains, the GS1 standards are the most widely-used supply chain standards system in the world.
    Shoper 9 allows you to generate the GS1 Standard Numbers for the stock items based on the Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN) assigned to your business. Introduction of GTIN system is of great advantage especially in the case of businesses dealing with international brands or having outlets across the globe.
    You can define a pattern or multiple patterns for stock numbering using pre-defined parameters in adherence to GTIN standards. Adopt GTIN which is the standardized methodology for numbering of items, enabling global trade compatibility and effective stock management.
  • Till Management
    Tills or POS counters are used to handle sales related operations like billing, return of goods, cancellation, cash receipts, cash payouts, and so on, in a retail outlet. The functionality is quick to enable and easy to use in Shoper 9.
    With Till Management, you can set the status of each till to open, lock, unlock, and close, as required, and enjoy complete control over till operations based on the status set. Also, define cash limits for each till, reaching which an alert will be displayed to initiate cash lift.
  • Inventory Management
    Shoper 9 is designed to handle a high volume of SKUs (items) and transactions. Effective and flexible inventory options make inventory management seamless with Shoper 9.
    With Inventory Management, you can,
    • Generate purchase orders at HO, distributor, and POS, based on business requirements. Import a purchase order or an indent by a POS location using the .xml file sent by another POS location or a Distributor.
    • Capture details related to PO/Indent, supplier, delivery as well as configure its format and define the tax rate to be applied.
    • Consolidate the POs/Indents sent by all your POS locations to place a combined order with your suppliers using the distributor or HO components. In the Shoper 9 POS application, you can ascertain the status of various PO/Indents raised by your POS locations on your HO/ Distributor.
    • Automatically create masters from flat files (Purchase Transaction (PT), Transfer Transaction (TT), Delivery Challan (DC), and so on.)
    • Account for inward stock movements from the vendor/distributor to the stores on the basis of SKU or size.
    • Use the physical stock take option to compare the physical quantity of stock items against the values in the books periodically, adjust discrepancies, and clear negative stock values.
    • Barcode stock items in-house: define key attributes of a stock item for quick recording of details by just scanning the bar code.
    • Design and print barcode labels.
  • Catalogue Management
    Manage large volumes of your retail business data using catalogues and appropriate business regulations. Catalogues hold business data like products, supply chain network, stores, configurations, and data communication schedules.
    Use the centralized sales person management to boost the efficiency of HO and have better insights into the performance of sales personnel across showrooms. Clear out non-moving stock by increasing footfalls, sales, and stock turn out. With Catalogue Management, you can pre-define conditions for schemes and discounts in catalogues and automatically or manually apply these in the bills. Also, apply the ‘and’ clause to build exciting promos even with multiple, non-related items.
  • Print Engine
    Using Print Engine, the printing related logic and business logic are separated and generate outputs based on configuration. Print engine gives the flexibility to customise business logic according to business needs, and also enables configuring printing instructions for all transactions or nodes through the engine.
    With Shoper 9’s Print Engine, you can,
    • Enable transaction-wise and/or document wise configuration settings.
    • The flexibility to override default settings.
    • Select printer on-the-fly.
    • Customise printing using TDL.
    • Use different print modes like USB Port.
    • Use multiple printing type options like winspool, DOS printing, convert DOS/Text printing to GUI printing and so on.
  • Multiple Prices
    The number of prices you can create for a stock item is unlimited with the comprehensive multi-price capability of Shoper 9. There is complete flexibility to activate or deactivate prices as required. Define multiple prices and select the most appropriate price when recording the transaction.
  • Predictive Bill Value
    Managing advance slips, and sales and service orders, are an inbuilt capability of Shoper 9. Link an expected transaction with your billing module to make your billing process faster, hence saving time.
    The Predictive Bill Value feature in Shoper 9 enables you to cancel or modify an expected transaction within seconds, generate item level sale promos at the click of a button, reduce billing errors, quickening your billing process, and strengthening customer buying decisions.
  • Tally.ERP 9 Interface
    Shoper 9 allows you to co-function with Tally.ERP 9. Meet the financial, accounting, and statutory needs of your company while ensuring inventory management independently.
    Enjoy automated data synchronisation by simply scheduling a routine data transfer. Master records created in Shoper 9, are duplicated in Tally.ERP 9 for your ease. Make changes in these masters in Tally.ERP 9, without it affecting your Shoper 9 data.
    Benefit from the flexibility of our interface – map one Shoper 9 company to many Tally.ERP 9 companies or many Shoper 9 companies to one Tally.ERP 9 company. Fulfil all your statutory needs in Tally.ERP 9 including the transfer of your purchase vouchers with tax break-up details.
  • Security Management
    Shoper 9 ensures security of all sensitive data. From a single POS store, to chain businesses, Shoper 9 boosts security management with enhanced security controls.
  • SIS (Shoper Integration Server)
    A simple, user-friendly data extraction application, SIS helps you extract data without the hassles of understanding the database structure or writing time-consuming extracting programs.
  • Live Update
    Automatically download the latest patch of Shoper 9 with the Live Update feature. Receive new patch arrival alerts and update your system at your convenience. You can also specify individual POS locations for Custom Patch downloads.
    Connect to the internet to receive product updates as and when it launches. Eliminate all possible compatibility issues across locations with auto update features. Also, control all patch updates and custom patch updates from your Head Office.

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