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Maxwell's BI Dashboard Solution

The sophisticated reporting tool known as a "business intelligence dashboard," or "BI Dashboard," makes it easier to visualize and analyze complex data. Businesses may monitor crucial data such as key performance indicators, behavior trends, and metrics with the help of a BI dashboard.
The business intelligence dashboard's information can be arranged by the entire organization, broken down into departments, or concentrated on a small number of teams. The BI Dashboard is totally customisable, ensuring that you always have access to all the behavioral data you need.

Access Critical Information Instantly with a BI Dashboard

Managers may quickly and conveniently access important data using the Maxwell BI Dashboard.

  • Access user data quickly and easily, including online and app activity, task and project involvement, and work time analysis.
  • View reports or projected productivity output right away.
  • View all user data collection from a single unified BI dashboard. Drill down for a high-level analysis and visualize the top-level data.

Informed Decision Making

Eliminate any uncertainty from the equation. Maxwell's BI Dashboard offers distinctive insights into the operational procedures and team engagement.

  • Create insightful reports outlining departments, teams, people, or the entire organization.
  • Create and monitor crucial KPIs, including unique metrics based on any user behavior.
  • To create data-driven decisions, evaluate potential outcomes and use predictive analysis.

BI Dashboards Present Complex Data in an Engaging Way

Utilize intuitive data presentations to visualize complex data and analyses.

  • Make dashboards your own to present data sets in a way that serves your needs.
  • Several display options are available, including bar, area, and column charts, heat maps, and graphs.
  • Create your own reports quickly using the BI dashboard's simple widgets and a variety of data elements.

Compare Scenarios and Trends

BI Dashboards are essential for success in the adaptable workplace of today. Utilize business intelligence to examine patterns and data mobility for ongoing workforce optimization to create a flexible and dynamic workforce.

  • To examine information from a specific time period, categories of actions, and more, use customization and configuration settings.
  • View in-depth behavioral data comparisons, then zoom in to see the specific variations in behavior.
  • Compare in-office, hybrid, and remote working options to create an ideal work environment.
  • Utilizing data comparisons from the BI Dashboard, reorganize teams, departments, and projects to increase efficiency.

Measure and Improve Team Productivity

Using the behavioral data that Maxwell gathers, lift teams. The Maxwell BI Dashboard offers insights that help identify workflow bottlenecks, project management errors, and employee engagement and burnout.

  • App and website usage Utilize measurements to find methods to improve staff productivity
  • Utilize work completion metrics, employee time monitoring, and other activity metrics to cut down on lost time.
  • To examine abnormalities, obtain timely information summarized in BI dashboards.
  • Using data from Maxwell's potent BI dashboard, direct workers' attention and increase engagement.
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