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Enhance the effectiveness of your business processes by obtaining real-time data from videos and photographs.

By combining computer vision services with other systems like ERP, POS, CCTV, and diagnostic software, Maxwell develops cutting-edge applications that can, among other things, identify products and people on social media, detect anomalies in production lines, and analyse medical images. In order to create a variety of enterprise applications and cloud services, it can also be integrated with machine learning processes.
Our team has created unique computer vision programmes with cutting-edge features including object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering, and more to fulfil the requirements of many industries. We can help you develop these prototypes with a minimum of hardware support and resources.

Some of our computer vision consulting services include

Emotion recognition

To provide a visual representation of customers' perceptions and sentiments about your company based on text data, sentiment analysis models examine customer data from a range of sources, including social media, customer reviews, drone video, mass media, and business data.

Video Analytics

Using trained AI models to identify and extract things from videos, classify each object to enable intelligent video analysis, which will give users access to granular search, intelligent alerts, and thorough reporting.

Optical character recognition

OCR services convert data into automatically editable text by machines. The most efficient method for obtaining data from printed or handwritten text on a scanned page or picture file. OCR enables quick, precise, and effective data conversion of the highest calibre.

Object Detection

Find various objects in a photo and learn more about them by pinpointing their locations. Use our object detection service to give your enterprise-level apps bespoke models that can recognise distinct things in a picture together with their bounding box and label.

Face recognition

Services that use facial recognition go beyond security to improve user experience. Using a photograph or video, recognise and authenticate a specific individual based on their facial traits. To accurately validate identity, our trained AI models with face detection service measure and calculate numerous facial representations.

Image processing

Large data sets are used to power computer vision apps while labelling your images and taking control of your training data. With the help of tools like bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, and key point annotation, our image processing services support image classification, object detection, and recognition.

Some of the business use cases of Computer Vision AI services

Smart leak detection

The optimal utilization of remote assets is ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Leaks in the pipes of process facilities for water, oil, and other materials are caused by factors such external force, corrosion, operator error, weld flaw, and ageing. For leak detection, CV continually monitors flow rate, pressure, and temperature.

  • Inspection and testing without causing damage
  • Alerts and automatic leak detection increase
  • Separates spills into dangerous and non-hazardous types
  • Identify features that could lead to effusion and take precautions.
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Intelligent diagnostic imaging

The limits of radiologists and pathologists are speed, accuracy, and cost. CV can utilise shape, texture, contour, and previous clinical imaging data with context knowledge. By doing so, vital quantitative and qualitative information is swiftly, precisely, and inexpensively delivered.

  • Liberalize microscopy
  • Cell identification software
  • Make diagnosis procedures better, quicker, and more affordable.
  • Computerized analysis and reporting of biopsy, blood, and urine samples
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Computer vision in precision agriculture

Precision farming requires knowledge of weather patterns and soil-forming elements. Farming benefits from automating tedious and time-consuming operations. Precision agriculture is made feasible by CV, which automates information extraction, analysis, and comprehension.

  • A precise analysis of agricultural production
  • Reduce the price of agricultural products
  • Quicker, more precise, and less expensive sorting
  • Detection of plant diseases and pests using images
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Computer vision in manufacturing

112 component failures were found and avoided thanks to images from cameras installed on the assembly lines of seven manufacturers. The ability of CV to achieve 100% uptime, zero defect manufacturing, and a consistent product line is unmatched by human skill or experience.

  • Make perfect products
  • Make sure the workplace is safe.
  • Optical character recognition in real time
  • Predictive maintenance and equipment monitoring
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Computer vision in logistics

Order fulfilment, sorting, and outbound logistics are all part of the logistics process. Using text and barcode scanning, CV provides a 360-degree view of the products as seen on labels. Using CV, products may be categorised, sorted, and verified. CV aids in the audit of shipping expenses.

  • Streamline the loading procedure
  • Real-time item identification of faulty or damaged items
  • Complete logistic operations traceability
  • Reward safe driving practises and point out areas for development.
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Why Maxwell?

To assist their clients in gaining insightful information and enhancing corporate decision-making, Maxwell has extensive experience creating applications utilizing computer vision technologies. Our team of computer vision professionals can assist you in making the best platform choice, creating apps, integrating cameras, and increasing process effectiveness by integrating with other systems.


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By attempting to imitate the human brain's ability to recognize visual information, computer vision works. It trains machines on a lot of visual data using pattern recognition techniques. After processing the input photos, the machine or computer detects patterns in the items it has labeled.
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