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When was the last time you spoke with a customer care representative? Chances are you were speaking to a bot whether you were complaining, asking for help with a payment, or giving feedback. Yes, chatbots have been increasingly popular over the last few years to the point where over 80% of brands intend to utilize them by 2020. Additionally, businesses are utilizing chatbot development services to assist them understand the inherent power of such technologies.
It's interesting to note that about 55% of consumers prefer contacting companies via chatbots to address problems. It's understandable why companies across a range of industries, including retail, e-commerce, finance, banking, IT, and even healthcare, are using bots to provide quick responses to questions, handle complaints, and provide in-depth explanations to enquiries. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicts that "Chatbots will fundamentally change how everyone experiences computing."
So, if you want to give your customers an unmatched experience, use our AI chatbot services right away!

What is a Chatbot?

If you're still unclear what a chatbot is, it is basically artificial intelligence software that can mimic written and audio communication with a user. Chatbots use platforms including SMS, internet chat windows, and social messaging systems to receive and respond to messages. They are programmed to mimic human-driven interactions and provide quick, personalized responses all the time.
By streamlining user-service interactions and reducing the need for human intervention, chatbots help businesses improve customer experiences, boost productivity, and boost profit margins. Given how well-liked these AI-bots are, some chatbot development companies in India have made it their sole goal to advance this technology.

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Why Chatbots?

In many aspects, chatbots are similar to humans: they have personalities and can have casual discussions with your customers, prospects, and website visitors. Even so, they can draw lessons from the past (as many of us do).
Consider using services for chatbot development. For your company, chatbots are essential because they:

Save Time and Money

Conversations that normally need an employee to handle are automated by chatbots. The volume of incoming messages on your website may skyrocket as more users go there. You can use a chatbot to accomplish the same task more quickly than having your personnel spend countless hours answering questions.

Generate Qualified Leads

Chatbots utilise the correct questions to get the information they need to weed out candidates who aren't qualified. Your sales staff won't have to repeatedly respond to the same set of queries because they will receive quality leads in this manner.

Guide Users to the Right Source

It's possible that sometimes your visitors won't know where to look for information. In fact, they might not even know what they are looking for specifically. Such jobs can be successfully completed by chatbots. They can direct customers to the relevant location on your website, such as a product page, a user guide, or the careers area, by posing the right kinds of qualifying questions.

Create a 24*7 Support System

After posting their question, your clients would anticipate a response within a few hours. The majority of the brands, however, often don't answer for up to 10 hours. When none of your customer service professionals are available, chatbots are there to respond to their questions. Additionally, chatbots provide immediate assistance even in an emergency!

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Acquire the much-needed edge with Maxwell

Since its founding ten years ago, Maxwell, a pioneer in the IT industry, has been creating superior technical solutions. We have grown steadily, supporting innumerable businesses, from start-ups to small and medium-sized businesses to international corporations, thanks to a team of technological enthusiasts. We have been providing top-notch services to clients in many parts of the world thanks to our in-depth understanding of the complexities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, blockchain, and cloud.
We can comprehend the particularities of your area, your consumers, and your business objectives thanks to our extensive experience. As a result, our skilled and meticulous developers create a chatbot that meets your unique objectives and provides an exceptional user experience. Our chatbot services in India are well-known for being unique, giving your company an advantage over the competition.
Your online apps, mobile apps, and social media channels may all be quickly and easily linked with our chatbot solutions. Therefore, Maxwell is the undeniable option whether you're trying to build a messaging bot, IVR bot, conversation bot, troubleshooting bot, or an out-of-the-box AI solution.


What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a piece of software or a computer programme that mimics human conversation through voice or text exchanges. More users are using chatbot virtual assistants to complete simple tasks in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) situations.
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