Discover how to make appointments quickly and easily with the best online booking system.

With an all-in-one appointment booking tool, you can reduce the time you spend coordinating appointments over the phone and email. Accept reservations online around-the-clock, automate payments, run your business, do marketing, and more!

Get started now!

A 3-step setup process makes online appointment scheduling straightforward.

Step 1

Choose a time slot. Reservation policies make it easy and flexible

Your booking page will be available as soon as you enter the services you and your personnel are willing to provide and your working hours. To simulate your actual schedule, provide buffers, block-times, or erratic availability hours. No double reservations!

Step 2

Customers can access your booking link with an embed code.

In emails, messages, brochures, and other communications, give your consumers the URL to your online appointment booking website. Integrate Maxwell's booking widget onto your website to start taking appointments there. Add a "Book Now" button to your Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.

Step 3

Accept online reservations hassle-free around the clock (55% of consumers make reservations after hours)!

Give consumers the option to easily plan, change, or cancel appointments as well as reserve recurring ones with Maxwell round-the-clock online booking software. Reduce no-shows by sending automatic email and text reminders before to appointments.

Maxwell can serve almost any industry segment

Appointment scheduling software suitable for all service-based small businesses, franchises, businesses with many locations, and more

Features for advanced bookings to help you run your business automatically

Say goodbye to your paper appointment book with Maxwell's online booking tool and gain time, eliminate no-shows, and boost employee efficiency.

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Online Booking System

By reducing the communication chasm between your clients, you may reduce friction in your booking process. They can examine real-time service availability on Your Maxwell's online booking page, letting them choose a time that suits them best.

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Calendar Scheduler

View staff schedules and appointments for any day, week, or month at a glance. Find any openings in your schedule and fill them by allowing walk-ins or advertising specials. Sync with your calendars, both personal and business, including Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and more.

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Appointment Alerts

Get immediate updates when an appointment is made, changed, or canceled through SMS, email, or right in the app. Additionally, your clients get automated appointment reminders so they can keep track of their reservations without having to call in.

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Multi Channel Bookings

Utilize Reserve with Google to accept online bookings from your company's Google My Business listing. A "Book now" button can also be added to your website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile. When visitors are actively engaged with your brand, you may turn them into paying consumers.

best appointment scheduling app
No-show Protection

To reduce no-shows, automatically send customers email and text reminders before each appointment at predetermined times. You can charge a full, partial, or fixed amount as a prepayment using our Square, Stripe, and Paypal interfaces to prevent any impromptu reservations.

best appointment scheduling app
Staff Scheduling & Management

Give your team members management or staff responsibilities, and allow them to handle their own scheduling, leave requests, etc. Keep a close eye on scheduling, sales, and employee productivity. To ensure optimal productivity, automatically assign online appointments to staff members based on clever algorithms.

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Resource Scheduling

Connect resources like rooms, facilities, equipment, and other areas to services. When an appointment is made, automatically distribute resources. Save time by automating the management of your resources, keep them organised, and prevent double booking.

best appointment scheduling app
Virtual Appointment Scheduling

To attract clients who are unable to visit your store, provide virtual appointments and online consultations. When a client makes a booking through our Zoom integration, the virtual appointment information is automatically created and shared with the participants.

best appointment scheduling app
Appointment Booking App

You can carry your complete company with you in your pocket thanks to Maxwell's mobile apps for Android and iOS. Utilize the app to manage appointments, staff calendars, payments, scheduling, etc. Even when you're out to lunch, add appointments to your calendar. not a laptop? No issues

You can fully customize your schedule thanks to flexible booking settings.

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Business Hour Settings

You have the flexibility you need since you can manage business hours at both the employee and service levels.

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Back to Back Bookings

Only periods when all of the services a customer has selected can be used simultaneously will be displayed to them.

appointment scheduling software
Booking Restrictions

Limit the number of reservations a member can make or cancel in advance, as well as other options.

best appointment scheduling app
Group Scheduling

Allow clients to book and pay for group appointments in a single transaction.

best appointment scheduling app
Recurring Bookings

Allow consumers to book many appointments into the future at once to encourage recurring business.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online booking system?
Customers can make appointments with you or order your services online with the help of an online booking system. A system like this enables the company owner/admin to manage and supervise the availability of their services and the customer-bookable hours. A built-in reminder system is a feature of online scheduling software that enables automatic email and SMS reminders to be sent to clients. Maxwell is a cutting-edge, cost-free scheduling system that also enables you to brand your online booking gateway.
How can I manage all the bookings that are made in the booking software?
You have total control over every reservation made through the system. You can establish flexible business hours for your personnel and services, put a cap on the number of reservations any client is allowed to make, and decide how far in advance customers can make, reschedule, or cancel appointments.
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