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Contactless Parking Solutions

Our top priorities are minimal trouble and optimum safety! To learn how we are inventing for the new normal, get in contact.

How Does It Works ?



Locate the parking lot that is most convenient for you.



Reserve your parking place in advance to ensure a spot.



Find directions to the spot you reserved and park in a secure, cashless manner.


Select your preferred payment option, pay with cash, or avoid carrying cash.

Are you a Business ?

Do you run a parking lot and want to use our technology to digitise it? Learn more about the services we offer.

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Why Maxwell?

Reduce Fuel Consumption

By using less gasoline to find your
parking spot, you may now run further!

Highly Secure System

We have rigorous requirements to safeguard the security of your possessions and data, whether it's regarding your car or your payments!

Effortless Payments

Decide to pay anytime, anyplace! We strive to make things as simple as possible because your comfort is our top priority.

Increase Savings

Find the nearby parking space with the best deals to save some extra cash. While doing all of this, you are also saving money on fuel.

Cut down on Emissions

The environment is actually changing! Reduce your carbon footprint and park more wisely to contribute to the cause.

Save Time

No time is lost looking for a parking space because spots are reserved in advance. You may now focus on your work while we handle the rest.

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