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Hire QA Programmers Specifically For Bug-Free Releases

We provide several different software testing services here at MAXWELL. Using a testing method called security testing, we preserve functionality while protecting data and information. The most cutting-edge automation tools are used by our qualified professionals. We employ Selenium, a testing framework for web applications across many websites, as one of the testing tools.
We use a large number of automated testing technologies. The top company in India to hire software quality analysts is MAXWELL. Utilize the independent testing and quality assurance services of value coders to cut down on testing time and effort. Your product's time to market (TTM) is shortened with the assistance of our software tester. Applications are tested based on the specifications provided by the client.

Hire Top Experienced QA ENGINEERS

Manual QA testing

At every iteration, we use full-fledged manual QA and testing services to detect the flaws and fix them before the final delivery is scheduled. Our QA staff has extensive experience in every testing area, whether it be GUI testing, smoke testing, database testing, or anything else. With our help, you can hire software testers and get a high-performing digital solution.

Mobile Automation testing

Our framework has the ability to automatically test mobile apps across all platforms and devices, whether they are Android, iOS, web, or cloud-based. Our quality assurance team develops and runs a variety of tests, including functional tests, integration tests, and UI tests, and runs them in parallel to ensure that no room is left for faults and errors, whether they are in native, web, or cross-platform mobile apps.

Performance testing

We all know that a company's top concern is a website or application crash, which eventually leads to site abandonment. Hiring a quality assurance engineer from MAXWELL, however, will completely alter the situation. Our team's thorough performance testing across a variety of complicated applications will guarantee that your application can survive peak load as anticipated. Our services will guarantee that your company complies with all regulations.

Expert QA Consultation

In order to check the quality of their deliverables, every firm needs to concentrate on their software testing process. Backtracking or problem fixes are just two of the difficulties that could postpone the start of the project. In these situations, hiring qualified QA testers from MAXWELL not only helps businesses with the best software strategies, but also effectively improves all the QA stages.

Experience of Our Qualified QA Testers

Hire top-tier QA testers to use hyper-aligned testing procedures that guarantee 100% quality for your project.
These testers should have the ideal combination of skill sets and innovative thinking to successfully test mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Full Cycle Testing

Our QA and testing engineers carry out extensive quality assurance procedures in collaboration with the development life cycle, whether they are automated or manual.

Functional Testing

Hire QA engineers that can manage your app's functionality and user behaviours, including the fundamental testing of accessibility and usability.

Security Testing

Our software testers and quality assurance analysts concentrate on assessing your app against specified app requirements and user security expectations.

Accessibility Testing

Utilize accessibility testing tools in accordance with global standards for quality Increasing the accessibility of your app as a drive for app differentiation

Mobile Testing

Our manual and automated software testers make sure your mobile app runs and performs flawlessly on a variety of mobile platforms.

Usability Testing

Hiring testers who are excellent at spotting flaws before they are programmed would greatly reduce the cost of handling fixes that have an impact on revenue and resource utilization.

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How much does it cost to hire a QA Engineer?
The price to employ QA engineers from MAXWELL depends on the requirements of your project and the QA engineer's level of experience. Senior QA engineers are more expensive to hire than junior QA engineers. To learn the pricing, schedule a free consultation call with us.
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